Welcome to oracle wisdom
from your space!

We are so glad that you are here. Step into a space of trust: trust in your space and trust in your Truth. Find peace, clarity, relaxation and love - by connecting to your space. Make that connection with the oracle card deck and guidebook, with your space through the 30 day challenge below, or both.

We invite you to go within and find that inner wisdom you have always been searching for. 

It has been there all along, and your space will help you find it.


create a great space 30 day challenge

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All of the key areas of your life are contained within your space and represented within the 'Oracle Wisdom from Your Space' card deck and guidebook. You can use the deck to reveal the area of your space and/or life to focus on or to uncover where you are blocked.


This deck is for you if:

You want more peace, abundance, clarity and love in your life.

You feel stuck.

You are ready to step into and own your own power - in your space and in your life.

You want to know more about your space and how it impacts you, but you don't know where to start.

You have been confused by or turned off by Feng Shui principles.

You like working with Oracle Decks.



This deck and guidebook were inspired by spaces I've worked with in the past, and the love that those spaces mirrored to their occupants. If you get the message of what is going on in your space, then you are empowered to remember your Brilliance - and your beautiful connection to the entire Universe. Allow your space to help you find the answers within.





This 52 card deck and guidebook were created as tools to help you connect with the true power and love of your space and to empower you to trust your inner wisdom.

We hope this deck brings more magic into your life and provides you a connection point with the love of your space and your own intutive guidance.



This wonderful Oracle Wisdom Deck has a well-presented guide that sets the stage for insightful and powerful experiences each time I use it. The cards are beautiful and have become a regular tool for tapping into my inner wisdom and clarity. I love working with this deck. Thank you Lisa and Deb!
— Suzanne C.
These cards are amazing and very supportive. Every time I ask a question the card that I draw expands my understanding of my situation. I love how they are so accurate and love the feel of my space taking care of me and caring about me. Thank you Deb for creating such a marvelous deck. I know that I will use these cards frequently.
— sharon m.
This is a gorgeous card deck and guidebook! The art is stunning and positive energy really flows from it. I’m so impressed with the guidebook—it brings in such clarity! Another thing I really love is that there are detailed suggestions for harmonizing your space and being, so I open to healing each time I use the cards. Deb and Lisa have done an outstanding job of offering a high-quality product that is alive with support and wisdom from my space. I am more than pleased! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Laura w.
The cards are beautiful and the descriptions in the guidebook emanate Loving Kindness and Wisdom. The pure loving intention with which these cards came to be is palpable!
— Debra L.
Wow these cards are so magical and beautiful Deb and such a representation of your wisdom, devotion and creative intention to truly make empowering shifts in others – bless you and thank you for your courage in bringing these to the world.
— Paula Marie



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