Dive Deeper into Your Space...

Thank you for purchasing 'Oracle Wisdom from Your Space - Loving Insights for Your Life.'  Please use the deck as much as you like - your space is longing to connect with you! Our free gifts also are intended to assist you in making a connection with your space. We hope you enjoy them!


plants and flowers for your space

The plants and flowers listed on the PDF stepped forward and asked to be included  (in the areas indicated on the PDF). Look at the list, look at your space, and then feel in to whether any of the plants or flowers listed want to be included in your particular space.


essential oils for your space

Essential oils are another way to bring the energy of plants into your space - and they offer additional healing and uplifting energy for you to enjoy as well. You can diffuse them in the space, or take a drop and place it on a door frame or window frame (making sure the surface will not be damaged).


crystals for your space

Your space (and the deck) are filled with sacred geometry - and so are crystals. Crystals placed in your space will consistently raise the energy there. 


crystal grid

Crystal grids are a fun and easy way to bring more magic, clarity and vibrance into your life and space. Use this crystal grid to clear your entire space and super charge your intentions.

Step 1: Print out the pdf and place the image in a space in your home where it will not be disturbed.

Step 2: Select 9 crystals, one for each bagua area of your space.

Step 3: Take a few deep breaths and set your intention for your space or your life. Then write your intention on a small piece of paper. For example your intention might be something like 'May my home be filled with love.' or 'May my life, home and body be filled with vitality.' 

Step 4. Place your intention in the center yellow section of the crystal grid. Close your eyes and imagine how it would feel in your body if your intention were true.

Step 5: Speak your intention aloud as you place a crystal of your choice on top of your intention paper at the center of the crystal grid. 

Step 6: Speak your intention aloud 8 more times as you place your other crystals one at a time over each of the different colored sections of the crystal grid.

Step 7: Allow your grid to sit and work it's magic for 9 days taking a moment each day to look at your grid and repeat your intention aloud.